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Essay Competition, 2nd March 2008

Essay Competition at Kopargaon

The CSI Nashik Chapter in association with CSI Students Branch Kopargaon organized an interschool Essay competition for school students on 2nd March, 2008. The competition was open for all the schools in and around Kopargaon (Dist-Ahmednagar-MS). Ten students from VIII and IX standards from each of the schools were allowed to participate in the competition. The competition was held separately for Marathi and English medium schools. The topics for the essay competition were related to computer viz Computer – My Friend, Pros and Cons of Animation, Precautions using Internet and World without Computers. Students from several schools in and around Kopargaon participated in the competition.

The venue for competition was Shri. Sharda English Medium School, Kopargaon. The CSI Nashik chapter and Students Branch Kopargaon are very much thankful to the management of Shri Sharda English Medium School and their principal Mr. Gurusiddapa for extending kind support for the conduction of the activity. Prof. A. A. Barbind and Prof. P. M. Yawalkar, Branch Counselor CSI Students Branch Kopargaon coordinated the event under the guidance of Prof. S. S. Sane Vice Chairman CSI Nashik Chapter. The winners for this competition are Kulkarni Tejshri, Randhave Tanmay, Prabhune Bhagyashree, Gangwal Manasi, Bhasale Gauri and Mantala Ritika.


Shri. Nitin Kolhe, Chairman of SRES,
addressing the students on the occasion of
Project Competition. On the dias:
Prof. D B Kshirsagar,
Prof. D.N. Kyatanavar, Principal R P Sood
and Mr. Manish Jape

A Software Project Competition Computer Society of India Student Branch, SRES College of Engineering Kopargaon and CSI Nashik Chapter had jointly organized a Software Project competition PROFEST 2K8 for the final year students of computer Engineering and Information Technology on April 7 2008.The Competition was inaugurated at the hands of  Shri Nitin dada Kolhe Saheb (Chairman Sanjivani Rural Education Society Kopargaon) & Mr Manish Jape (Senior Software Engineer, Sunguard Pune.) Prof R.P. Sood (Principal SRES COE), Prof D.N. Kyatanavar (Head, Deptt. Of Information Technology) & Prof D.B Kshirsagar (Head, Deptt. Of Computer Engineering),  were present for the function. Prof D.B. Kshirsagar in his welcome speech welcomed all the delegates and gave brief idea about different phases in Project and its importance. Prof P.M.Yawalkar (Branch Counseller CSI Student Branch Kopargaon) focused on the various events conducted under Student Branch Kopargaon. Prof R.P.Sood in his speech gave the overview of the recent development in the field of computers and increase in the number of Engineers produced every year.

Shri Nitin dada in his speech focused on the need of such competitions to increase the research culture among the students. Mr. Manish Jape gave an overview of project development life cycle and focused on importance of applicability of software project in selection of project definition. The Competition was conducted in two sessions where a panel of Experts comprising of Shri Avinash Yeolla and Shri Manish Jape, evaluated the projects. There were about 20 projects from various Engineering colleges under Pune University. Students demonstrated their projects and there was lots of Knowledge sharing. Finally in the valedictory function Prof A.A. Barbind, Coordinator of the event announced the results of the competition. Prof M. B Jhade Regional co-ordinator of Computer Society of India for Maharashtra-Goa region was the chief guest for this function. In his speech he gave stress on the benefits of membership of CSI and appealed all to become member of CSI. The winners were given the certificates, Mementoes, and cash prizes at the hands of Chief Guest, Experts and Principal. Participants were given the Certificate of participation. At last Prof P.M.Yawalkar gave the Vote of thanks. Visit to Shirdi was arranged at last for all the participants.

The List of winners is as follows :

GPS Based Railway Tracking &
announcement System
 Shrikant Kulkarni
 Abhiram Patil
 Pravin Kharge
 Narendra Mahindrakar
VIIT, Pune First Prize
Cash Rs. 2000/-
Credit/Debit Card Secured Transaction Anand Balpreetsingh
Fulwani Barkha
K.K.Wagh, Nasik Second prize
Cash Rs. 1500/-
Content Based Image Retrival Vishal Shetty
Roshan Nikam
Sanket Jajul
K.K.Wagh, Nasik Third prize
Cash Rs. 1000/-
Remote Desktop Viewer Vishal Shiwade
Rajesh Patil
Vilas Shelke
DYPIET  Pimpri
Consolation Prize
Cash Rs. 500/-
Centipede Grid Computing Solution Rohit Vaidya
Sandip Jadhav
Farahnaj Inamdar
K.K.Wagh, Nasik Consolation (Judges)
Cash Rs. 400/-

Workshop on Internet Awareness - 9th and 16th March 2008

internet awareness
Workshop on Internet Awareness,
9th and 16th March 2008

A Two days workshop on Internet awareness was organized by CSI Student Branch Kopargaon on 9th and 16th March 2008 for the B. Ed. students of Shri Saibaba College of Education. Prof S.S Shaikh and Mr Jayant Gosavi explained the basic concepts of Internet and then demonstrated how to create a mail accounts, sending mail to the other persons, checking personal mailbox, Searching information using various search engines, etc. Student Co-ordinators Vikas Shirke Chetan Dagade, Alok Lele, Hemant Badge, Jithin John, and Ms Sandhya Chavan helped during the practical session to the participants. Prof P.M Yawalkar and Prof. A.A.Barbind coordinated the event.

Workshop on Operating System Installation - 17th February 2008

A Workshop on "Operating System Installation" was held in the IT department of SRES College of Engineering Kopargaon on 17th February 2008. The workshop was organized by the CSI Students Branch Kopargaon for the Second Year Engineering students from Information Technology and Computer Engineering departments of the Institution. The workshop began with a brief introduction to OS by Prof. A. A. Barbind. Prof. M.A. Bhandari, Mr. A.P. Abak and Mr. S. I. Unde were the experts for the workshop. The experts practically demonstrated the installation of the Windows 98, Windows XP and Linux Operating Systems to the participants. Around 80 students from IT and computer department attended the workshop. The event was conducted by Executive committee members of CSI Students Branch under the guidance of Prof. A. A. Barbind.

Activities of CSI Nashik Chapter for month of March 2008

Report on Visit to Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd. (PSPL), Pune

visit pspl
Visit to PSPL Pune on 1st March 2008

A visit to PSPL, Pune was organized for TE Students on 1st March 2008 to PSPL Pune. Mr. Sahastrabudhye and Mr. Bhadbhade form HR Dept of PSPL were coordinators. Twenty six students of TE Computer, thirty students of F.Y. MCA along with 4 staff members from computer department visited PSPL. The coordinators in the company arranged a seminar. Mr. Yashraj, Assistant to CEO, presented information about the company followed by a talk by Ms. Shubhangi Kelker from Personal Dept of PSPL, on “Getting ready for a job in IT”. The seminar focused on Industry expectations, Performance appraisal, Technical skills, Problem solving capabilities and Communication skills. Prof. Ms. V H Patil, Prof. N M Shahane, Prof. Ms S M Kamlapur and Prof. Ms Archana Nehete accompanied the students.

Essay Competition at Kopargaon

Every year, the CSI Nashik Chapter organizes an Essay Competition for School students in and around Nashik and was organized on Saturday 23rd Feb. 2008. In addition to this, this year the student branch of SRES College of Engineering, Kopargaon that is affiliated to CSI Nashik Chapter also organized this competition on Sunday 2nd March 2008 at the Shri. Sharada English Medium School, Kopargaon. The competition was open for the students of VIII and IX standard. The competition was held separately for Marathi and English medium schools. Students from several schools in Kopargaon took part in the competition. Winners will be given prizes in a separate function.

Prof. A A Barbind from college of Engineering, Kopargaon coordinated and conducted the event. The Chapter is thankful to the Management, Principal and the staff members of Shri. Sharada English Medium School for their kind support for the conduction of the activity.

Report of Seminar on IT Infrastructure & Network Management

IT seminar
Seminar on IT Infrastructure & Network Management.
On the dias Mr. Mangesh Pisolkar and Prof. S S Sane

A seminar on “IT Infrastructure and Network Management” by an IT expert Mr. Mangesh Pisolkar, MEC Netcom Ltd, Nashik, on Wednesday 12th March was organized jointly by the Department of Computer Engg. and the ISTE chapter of KKWIEER Nashik. He described the existing infrastructure of IT, how can it be optimally managed, what are the future prospects of it and which opportunities it provides for students from their career point of view. He gave few examples of his own experience & made the seminar very effective.

Report of Lecture On “GSM & Broadband Communication

gsm lecture
Prof. Sane delivering welcome speech.
On the dias: Mr. P M Joshi during
lecture On "GSM & Broadband Communication"

A Lecture On “GSM & Broadband Communication” by Sub divisional Engineer of BSNL Nasik Mr. P M Joshi was organized jointly by the ISTE chapter and the CSI Nashik chapter at the John Von Neuman hall, Department of Computer Engg, KKWIEER on Wednesday 19th March 2008. He explained the advancements in the technology, its current scenario and future, in a very impressive manner.

Report of Seminar by PSPL, Pune

The student branches of K K Wagh Institute of Engineering Education and Research, MET’s Bhujbal Knowledge City and NDNVP COE jointly organized a seminar by experts from PSPL, Pune. Parallel Sessions on C Pointers, Systems Programming, Data structures and Software testing were organized at these colleges on Friday, 28th March 2008. Mr. Amol Pujari, Ms. Anita Punjabi, Ms. Tayade and Mr. Rajiv Daithankar were the resource persons for these sessions respectively. Around 450 students and 30 teaching staff members from all the three colleges attended the sessions. Prof. M B Jhade, Prof. N R Wankhede, Prof. Mrs V H Patil, Prof. Mrs. Aruna Deogire, Prof. S S Sane and Prof. Miss Ashwini Kulkarni coordinated the event. Mr. Shekhar Sahasrabuddhe, Mr. Ashutosh Ambekar and Mr. Kaustubh Bhadbhade from PSPL coordinated the event.

IT Quiz 2007

IT Quiz is one of the unique activities of CSI Nashik. It is an inter-collegiate event conducted by the student branch of the chapter every year. In the past, this activity has been conducted at K K Wagh Institute of Engineering Education & Research (KKWIEER), HPT RYK Science college, KTHM College and RNC Arts, JDC Bytco college Nashik Road. This year it was conducted at KKWIEER Nashik on Saturday 29th September 2007 between 11.00 AM and 5.30 PM. In all 20 teams from various Science, Polytechnic and Engineering colleges in and around Nashik such as KKWIEER, RYK, NDMVP College of Engineering (COE), METCOE, COE Kopargaon, KKWIEER Polytechnic and Women Polytechnic, Guru Govind Singh Polytechnic etc. had participated in the competition. Several different rounds such as "What do you Understand By?", "Short forms -long forms", "MCQ" etc. were conducted in addition to the visual rounds such as "Programming" and "Identify IT Personalities" rounds. There was a question for audience also at the end of each round. Prof. Ms Shilpa Jagtap and Prof. Ms. Suruchi Bapat, Lecturer Department of Computer Engineering, KKWIEER, Nashik conducted the entire quiz event.

There was a steep competition amongst the teams in both the elimination, semi-final and final rounds. Four teams, one each from the KKWIEER, NDMVPCOE and two teams from COE Kopargaon reached the finals and the third and second prizes were bagged by the COE Kopargaon while the first prize was bagged by KKWIEER.

The prizes were given to winning team in the valedictory function at the hands of Shri. Chandrashekhar Dahale, Chairman, CSI, Nashik Chapter. The winner teams and quizmasters will be felicitated in the "IT Day" function to be organized by the chapter very soon.

Prof. M B Jhade, Student Counselor, CSI Nashik and also the Regional (Maharashtra and Goa) Student Branch Counselor, Prof. Mrs. V H Patil, Secretary, CSI Nashik and Prof. S.S. Sane, Vice-Chairman, CSI Nashik organized the program. Student and staff members from Computer Department, KKWIEER took active part in successful organization of the event.

Seminar on "Job Opportunities for IT professionals"

The Computer Society of India (CSI), Nashik conducted a seminar on "Job Opportunities for IT professionals" on Thursday, 27th September 2007 at MET College of Engineering, Nashik. The resource person for the seminar was Mr. Arvind Mahapatra, Joint Secretary, CSI, Nashik Chapter and Director of Netwin Systems Pvt. Ltd. Principal Dr. A. A. Kulkarni, Shri. C. B. Dahale, Chairman CSI Nashik Prof. S S Sane, Vice-Chairman CSI Nashik, Prof. Mrs. V H Patil, Secretary, CSI Nashik, Prof. M B Jhade, Student Counselor, CSI Nashik and also the Regional (Maharashtra and Goa) Student Branch Counselor and Prof. Mrs. Deogire attended the seminar along with about 200 students and staff from Computer Engineering, Information Technology and MCA programs. Mr. Mahapatra, with the aid of power point presentation explained the kinds and nature of jobs in the IT field. The seminar was followed by the question/answer session.

Prof. Dr. A A Kulkarni, Principal, METCOE provided the welcome address. Mr. Dahale explained the role of CSI and assured the students of every possible help and support in organizing events. Prof. S S Sane provided information about CSI Nashik Chapter and its activities. Prof. Mrs. V H Patil explained the objectives and importance of various events conducted by the Student Branch of CSI Nashik. Prof. M B Jhade provided information about Membership details, procedure for establishment of a student branch, Institutional membership and appealed the student and staff members to join CSI.

A three days comprehensive Workshop on Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML 2.0

Department of Computer Engineering in association with Computer Society of India organized a three days comprehensive Workshop on "Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML 2.0" (Topics related to OOAD/UML and all the UML diagrams with hands-on examples).

The resource for the workshop was Mr. Prashant Pund. He is Freelance Trainer and Consultant in OOAD with UML, Rational Unified Process, OO Design Patterns, Software Project Management, Software Engineering The workshop provided an in-depth technical study of object oriented analysis and design. Modeling techniques are based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML 2.0). This workshop provided a solid foundation in the techniques and application of Object Oriented Analysis and Design. Attendees learnt how the use of the UML and techniques such as RUP.

Mrs. Snehal Kamalapur, the coordinator has taken efforts in arranging the workshop. Mrs. Varsha Patil and Mr. Satish Banait helped her for the same. The faculties from Engineering, Polytechnic and Science college in and around Nashik have attended the workshop. Mrs. Khapli V. R., Mr. Shahane N.M. and Mr. Jhade M.B. from the Computer Engineering Department also attended the workshop.