Google Gmail

Course Description

Google's Gmail is an email service that you access directly through the web.Gmail is a great program to use, whether you're using it for personal, business, or education reasons.

Learning Outcome - Navigate Gmail to find what you need :

  • Compose emails
  • Format emails
  • Respond to emails
  • Organize your messages
  • Create and apply labels
  • Set your preferences, including customizing the look of Gmail
  • Use Gmail Labs to improve and tailor your Gmail account
  • Use Gmail with Google Calendar

Course Requirements

  • You should have a high school reading level and be competent in basic computer

Course Topics

  • Lesson 1: Welcome to the World of Google Gmail
  • Lesson 2: Becoming Familiar with the Gmail Interface
  • Lesson 3: Working with Messages
  • Lesson 4: More About Messages
  • Lesson 5: Archiving and Deleting Messages
  • Lesson 6: Searching for Messages
  • Lesson 7: Labels
  • Lesson 8: Filters
  • Lesson 9: Gmail Settings
  • Lesson 10: More Gmail Features
  • Lesson 11: Incorporating Other Google Apps With Gmail

Course Duration and Mode

  • 2 Hrs, Online