Nashik chapter IT Day 2015

Conference on ERP by CSI Nashik chapter



CSI Nashik Chapter organised conference on ERP on 9th March 2012, to celebrate the CSI Day. The conference was held at the high tech conference hall of Nashik Engineering Cluster. Coincap, a leading software developer in ERP had sponsored the conference. More than 50 professionals from IT, Audit & Accountancy and other varied professions/industries attended the conference.

Mr Mangesh Pisolkar, Chairman of the CSI, Nashik Chapter, welcomed the participants by stating the importance of ERP in small and medium industries. Mr M B Joshi from BOSCH had taken the first session on "Mastering Master Data". He shared his experience of handling the data in BOSCH group globally, particularly mentioning about Project MASTIAN in BOSCH plant Chech Republic. His speech covered topics like need for MDM, barriers in implementation of MDM as well as MIS related to master data. He concluded his speech by mentioning an important principle "Data quality is not just about data, it’s about business".



Coincap, a leading software developer in ERP, gave the second presentation. The speakers Mr Avadhoot Sahasrabudhe and Mr Uday Malekar talked about importance of ERP for all sizes of organisations. The typical progress of information systems in organisations is from isolated to integrated to managed systems. The systems have three stages of transition:-

Person dependent >> Process dependent >> System dependent
Visual Control >> Process Control >> System Control
Ad hoc tasking >> Process based tasking >> System controlled tasking
Regularisation >> Standardisation >> Systematisation

After mentioning challenges during transitions, they gave presentation of various case studies of organisations who have successfully implemented ERP with specific goals. Mr Vinay Hinge from Kandor solutions gave presentation on the interesting subject "What not to expect from ERP?". After talking about evolution of ERP, he discussed 10 myths of ERP. Some of the interesting myths mentioned by him are:

  • ERP is a game changer
  • ERP is a onetime investment
  • ERP makes a company process driven
  • Global ERP = Best practices

An interesting panel discussion of actual implementers was organised during the second half of the day. Mr Diwakar Yawalkar from Samsonite, Mr CN Tilgulkar from Crompton Greaves and Mr Sagar Bhavsar from Reliable group shared their experiences of ERP implementations. They also answered several queries raised by participants.

It was a great success for CSI Nashik Chapter. It was well fitting programme at the end of the year, matching with CSI day celebrations and on the subject like ERP which is a hot topic of the day for all sizes and types of industries.

The Vote of Thanks were proposed by Mr. Shekhar Dahale. Several senior members from Nashik Chapter like Mr. S R Karode, Mr. Vijay Ugaonkar, and Mr. Anurag Kenge were present for the event.

Mr. Khandbahale Lecture on Marathi SMS Dictionary



Training Programme on MS Office – Advanced Tools



Next 5 in 5 – Event Organised by CSI Nashik Chapter in association with IBM


The Next 5 in 5 event organized by Computer Society of India, Nashik Chapter in association with IBM received a good response. The event was part of CSI Nashik’s CIO Club initiative.

More than 50 people from Nashik’s IT community attended the event.

Mr. Mangesh Pisolkar (Chairman, Nashik Chapter) introduced CSI and its activities. He also explained the purpose behind organizing CIO club programs. He introduced the guest speaker Mr. Nitin Kharde from IBM.

Mr. Kharde presented the CIO Survey conducted by IBM on global basis. He explained the CIO mandate in terms of 4 areas – Transform, Leverage, Pioneer and Expand. Audience appreciated the survey results and shown keen interest in the findings.

The main highlight of the event was the next presentation by Mr. Kharde, titled "Next 5 in 5". The title itself created enough interest, which meant "Next 5 innovations in next years". IBM Research team continuously evolves new technologies that have significant effect on the human lives. Each year this list is published. Mr. Nitin shared the earlier years’ predictions with the audience. The catch line was "The World keeps changing, we have to anticipate".

Few predictions from each year were – 2006 : 3D Internet, 2007 : Cell phone for shopping, 2008 : Solar Energy and You will talk to web and web will talk to you, 2009 : Intelligent cities and 2010 : Your commute will be personalized.

At this point, Mr. Nitin stopped and allowed the audience to stretch their imagination to predict what could be the predictions of 2011. Audience came out with all great ideas. IBM had predicted Self Created Energy, Biometric/DNA based security, Mind Reading, Mobile Usage and Analytics.

The event ended with votes of thanks by CSI Nashik Chapter Vice Chairman Mr. Dahale.