Yashokirti Award

yashokirti trophi

The Yasho Kirti Award is installed by Shri Avinash Shirode in the memory name of his late mother Sou. Shevantabai Shirode. This award is in the form of a trophy and certificate.

Every year, CSI, Nashik Chapter celebrates the Chapter Day as ‘IT Day’ in Nashik. On this occasion, the Yasho Kirti award is given by the Hon. Chief Guest of the function. This award will be given to such a professional from the IT field, who has come up in his/her career from adverse circumstances and has achieved excellence through sheer hard work and intelligence.

Normally the society recognizes a person from his/her present position at the top but nobody knows how he has achieved this top position. There are many stalwarts who had to struggle very hard in their initial stage. They have very little education, no finance, no support, and no social background. They have started from adverse conditions and circumstances, from scratch and through constant struggle and hardships achieved the top position by honesty, sincerity, and loyalty to their work and of course, they had some ambition, some dreams, and some vision.

The society is unaware of such personalities. The basic idea of installing this award was to present such personalities before the society, particularly to the young generation who always finds lacuna with the facilities, opportunities and the social system. Such personalities are indeed the inspiration to our society and young upcoming entrepreneurs.

Award Recipients

Recipient of the award
Award given at the hands of

Dr. Baisa L. Gunjal
received "Yasho-Kirti Puraskar 2017" from the Computer Society of India

Award 2017

Padmashri Dr. Deepak B. Phatak, I.I.T. Powai in "Information Technology Day" function held at Nashik Engineering Cluster, Ambad, Nashik on 10/3/2017.

Dr. Gajanan Kharate
Researcher, author of various books on IT topics, dean of faculty of engineering of Pune University and Principal at Matoshri College of Engineering


Felicitated by Shri Chintawar, VP, Bosch, Nashik
Dr. Sandip Kumar Jha Padmashri. Prataprao Pawar,
Shri. Vivek Sawant
Shivajirao Adhalrao Patil  

Mrs. Vidya Kabara

Dr. Arun Jamkar, VC, MUHS
Mr. Narayan Aher


Prof. Trimurthi, President CSI
Prof. Gaikwad


Prof. Trimurthi, President CSI

Prof. G V Garje, Head Comp/IT, PVG COE


Dr. D B Phatak

Mr. Khandbahale

Mr. Anand Kulkarni, GM, BSNL

Mr. Uday Nirgudkar
IT & Management expert

Mr. Vivek Sawant, MD, MKCL

Dr. Nitin Anturkar,
Executive Vice-President,
Tata Autocomp Systems Ltd

Mr. Madhav Digraskar, VP, ABB Ltd.

Mr. Sudarshan Natu,
Managing Director,
NitAl Computer Systems Pvt. Ltd., Pune

Mr. L N Sunderrajan
Sr. Vice President, IT, Aditya Birla Group
Prof. R. S. Tiwari
Director, school of computer science,
YCMOU, Nashik

Dr. Ashok Kolaskar,
Ex. Vice Chancellor, Pune Univ.

Mr. Vandanrao Potnis, editor, daily Gavkari